Galileo’s Star Chocolate Puzzle

Recently looking at some chocolate wrapping designs here, I got an amusing idea. What if you can combine chocolate and 3D puzzle?

In the list of the three dimensional puzzles there is one which is truly amazing – Galileo’s Star Puzzle. Could its unique shape and topology be used as a cool chocolate wrapping? I think yes!

I downloaded a free 3D modeling tool – Blender and started experimenting with a piece of the Galileo’s Star Puzzle. It was my first Blender project and it took some time to me to build all the necessary materials for the wrapping itself and the chocolate. Then, I decided to peel of the wrapping for one piece and it took even more time. But now, after playing with different light combinations, I got what I wanted and you can see the result.

Star Scene_600

Pieces scene_600

At the end, I decided to create a simple animation just for demonstrating how the puzzle can be disassembled and assembled back.

I truly believe that the chocolate in this rapping is very appealing and probably could be a very good Christmas present.

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